4 Main Email Marketing Platforms for Business Owners

Modern businesses have realized the power and impact of email marketing to boost their web traffic and sales. There are great benefits to be reaped with dynamic email marketing strategies when deployed using apt tools. Online newsletters need not be tedious or a struggle when the best of email marketing platforms are readily available

Content writing should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that would entice targeted audiences to the business shores. Better reads tend to captivate web readers searching for the best of the information that is up-to-date and relevant to their needs at that point in time.

pic1 Email Marketing Dilemma

As more and more businesses send out their online newsletters regularly, they may require some professional email marketing services to ensure a proper meeting of their business goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. This is necessary with the increasing intense market competition happening across the globe.

Professional email services such as Gmail are also moving rapidly with modern digital technologies to provide separate tabs that are featured to devote to business promotional emails; this enables web users to be more organized with the online newsletters located in one spot for easier and quicker reference or retrieval.

There are many ways in deploying email marketing to boost the brand image or company presence in the marketplace. Some companies may have failed to reach their preferred market audiences through a lack of skills or experience in the market as new rules were introduced to prevent spamming and junk mail sent to web users.

Even search engines are wary of the tricks which companies may adopt in spamming their target markets to gain more web traffic, but the latter could be blacklisted without favor in web page ranking if the massive waves of emails are deemed spam mail.

The market offers many established and reliable email marketing service providers that are capable of generating vibrant email newsletters on behalf of the company without being misconstrued as spam mail. This would create more web subscribers to be added to the company’s mailing list while increasing the database of customers and potential business leads for the brand or company.


1) MailChimp

This is a highly favored email marketing service provider in the market, which is used by many big companies and agencies. MailChimp provides an evolving interface which is constantly updated based on users’ feedback. Email lists like CSV/Excel files can be easily uploaded to the system performing an automatic check on information by its columns.

MailChimp has a delightful array of templates to fit the needs and wants of businesses. These can be modified as part of their customization feature to cater to the brand and company image. There are many professional marketing agencies that are very familiar with MailChimp to create a customized email marketing campaign that promotes the brand aptly.

MailChimp allows easy reviews on its open rate with an easy subscription/unsubscribe feature. The next newsletter can be revised based on available metrics in the MailChimp account. Tests are often divided to check and confirm the compatibility of the newsletter to satisfy the needs of targeted audiences.

There is a forever-free plan to help smaller businesses of 2000 or lower subscribers while higher subscribers may adopt a monthly plan.

2) GetResponse

GetResponse is popular with web users who prefer their newsletter to come with a landing page. It is also ideal for those offering webinars as this would allow better engagement with targeted web users for the activity or event.

The system interface allows a better management of newsletters as there are many excellent features included, especially to handle or promote webinars effectively. This is clearly seen with the available features such as Autoresponders, 1-click logins and email reminders which are excellent in creating a dynamic online experience for the web users.

The landing page templates of GetResponse are appealing to companies that execute monthly offerings or sales which require a unique content page to be sent to targeted users. This system offers specific services directed at webinars with the flexibility of generating a customized landing page which could be included in the email newsletter. This prompts a quicker and more favorable response from email recipients.

3) Constant Contact

A big rival of MailChimp is Constant Contact that is also popular in email marketing. This is a dynamic online marketing platform, especially if Facebook is manipulated in the marketing strategy of the brand or company. Constant Contact provides an email feature which is specially designed to encourage web users to share the business newsletter easily on Facebook.

This is a great way to procure free marketing by those who are supportive of the brand and its products or services. This feature is a definite plus point for Constant Contact compared to other providers. Moreover, this company offers great support for business entrepreneurs who are new to the market environment or experience trouble in picking up the necessary tools and features such as manipulating the interface.

Constant Contact is a very social media-friendly option amongst the other platforms in the market. It is also possible to integrate Hootsuite to enable a better focus on moving forward with social media marketing.

4) AWeber

Last but not least, AWeber has become highly popular as an online email marketing tool for many businesses today with a high recommendation by a lot of professional marketing companies in the market. There are 5 potential plans for a business to choose from; each with a whole list of vibrant features to boost the email marketing strategy of the brand or company.

Businesses could enjoy unlimited email marketing campaigns with dynamic follow-ups as well as implement Autoresponders which could handle much more email requests and business operations easily and efficiently. Hence, businesses can automate the delivery of personalized emails to identified or targeted customers based on a dynamic schedule.

The low monthly fee of AWeber gives it the competitive edge over GetResponse with similar core features. Moreover, AWeber allows the sending out of unlimited marketing campaigns as desired by the business owner or marketer.